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In CHEMAM we believe that Astrology is an excellent tool for gaining an understanding of how the forces of the personality work.  As you apply the different principles of the signs and planets to your life the potential for a depth of self-awareness is tremendous.  Join us to discover for yourself the benefit that the study of Astrology may have for your inner development!
Basic Astrology I begins Sat, Jan 12, 2019.
$120.00 6-week class
Teacher: Bridgit O'Sullivan, CHEMAM Certified Astrologer 

Basic Astrology I will introduce you to the study of Astrology combining creative exercises, lively discussions and a step-by-step instruction, all within a group atmosphere.  Accompanied by a clearly laid out workbook, you will learn about the signs, planets and houses as the basic building blocks of this new language.  And along the way you will have the opportunity to increase your self-awareness, as you will be assisted to begin to apply the material that you are learning to your own natal chart
Basic Astrology II begins Sat, April 13, 2019
$120.00 6-week class
Teacher: Bridgit O'Sullivan, CHEMAM Certified Astrologer

This series builds upon the foundation established in Basic Astrology I. Each class covers topics that explore the relationships between the signs and the planets. Students are given ample opportunity to learn more about themselves by applying the class lessons to their own chart. This series will introduce the ephemeris as a tool to identify current planetary transits to the student's charts. Prerequisite: Basic Astrology I. 
Basic Astrology III
$120.00 6-week class series
Teacher: Bridgit O'Sullivan, CHEMAM Certified Astrologer 

This final 8-week series of Basic Astrology emphasizes observation of the lunar cycles in each student’s chart through identification of behavior patterns. The student will watch the influence of the Moon phases and learn to understand their meaning. This series will also introduce the Solar Return as a chart of the transiting energies for the coming year. Prerequisite: Basic Astrology II 
Transits & Aspects Class begins  April 7,2019
$75.00 for 3 workshop series [2 hour workshops]
The study of transits and their effect will open you up to the understanding of the patterns and dynamics of transiting planets as they move, thus indicating how they ` might affect your day to day life.
A birth chart is significant in itself but becomes more vitally alive as you experience it as a part of a greater body of planets that are continually transiting. Knowing about the different aspects that the different planets in your birth chart make to one another gives you a greater depth of understanding into your basic personality make-up. The angular relationships between any of the planets in the natal chart will highlight how the various parts of the personality work together which may need to be transformed in the process of working through the issues or character traits that these planets in aspect represent
Secondary Progressions Class begins Jan 13,2019
$75.00 for 3 workshop series [2 hour workshops]
Secondary Progressions is the most popular system of progressions. Learn another tool used to bring the natal chart into the present moment. During this four week class you will have the opportunity to learn how to calculate and read secondary progressions as they relate to your natal chart. 
Return to Yourself:A Saturn Return Class 
$75.00  3 workshop series ​​[2 hour workshops] 
Personalities are formed through a symphony of cycles which move one through life. Educators, psychologists, counselors, social workers and astrologers, to name a few, recognize cycles and understand their importance in human development. 
Although their names may vary, these cycles are all recognized as distinct periods of change and potential growth. Astrologers study the relationship of the planets and their cycles. Individuals become conscious of these astrological dynamics through practical application which is vital to one’s personal and spiritual growth. Join us for an opportunity to learn the cycles of Saturn and recognize the effects it may have on your life.  
A Jupiter Return Class: ​A Journey through a Change in Consciousness
$75.00 for 3 workshop series [2 hour workshops]
Astrologers study the relationship of the planets and their cycles. Individuals become conscious of these astrological dynamics through practical application which is vital to one's personal and spiritual growth. Join us for an opportunity to learn the cycles of Jupiter while exploring its expansive dynamic throughout your lifetime.
Solar & Lunar Returns
$75.00 for 3 workshop series [2 hour workshops]
Astrology is a continuous learning process related to the science of cycles that affects us individually and as a humanity. Each year, each individual experiences a solar return which is the dynamic of one's natal sun returning to its exact position as it was at birth. In addition, within one's solar cycle there are 13 lunar cycles.
This SOLAR & LUNAR RETURNS CLASS provides students with both the knowledge as well as a practical application of charting and exploring these particular energies.  Using a tri-wheel printout of one's natal, solar and lunar charts, students will learn to identify patterns of thoughts, emotions and behaviors as they relate to their solar and lunar cycles.  When one's solar and lunar returns are consistently charted and followed, there is a profound opportunity for deeper Self Awareness.  
Astrology Readings

CHEMAM offers Astrology Reading by request.  Call 216-261-2502 to schedule a reading. Get your chart read complete with a copy of your Natal Chart and current Solar Return as well as an Astrological Report.

Astrology Charts & Reports

CHEMAM offers a variety of Astrology Charts and Reports to order, including:

  • Natal Charts
  • Solar Return Charts
  • Lunar Return Charts
  • Detailed Chart Reports

You can order your charts and/or reports by sending in a check and order form.   Click here for a order form and instructions.

Cost: See order form as prices vary by chart/ report.

CHEMAM offers Astrology Coaching by request. 
Call 216-261-2502 for further information and to schedule an Astrology Coaching Appointment.
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