CHEMAM is an independent, non-profit institution (501(c)(3)). The purpose of CHEMAM is to channel Spiritual Energy into all avenues of expression, and to bring to the attention of leaders, and those seeking more to life, the value of the ideas inherent in metaphysical, religious and traditional cultures. The purpose is to show that the  standards coming out of such ideas, when applied correctly, promote clearer, more purposeful and productive human relations.

CHEMAM is committed to being a living vehicle of service, and to directing our efforts into the teaching of classes, giving of lectures, workshops, seminars, retreats, conferences, special training, and organizational group work. We are committed toward creating, within ourselves, permanent states of positive thought, emotional virtue, and constructive physical behavior. We strive to embody, as individuals within group formation, the principles we teach. 

Students from all lifestyles, all national, religious, and cultural backgrounds, are invited to study with us and make use of our services.

Our Upcoming Schedule

"I Give of Myself"  World Service Meditations

Meets monthly on the Friday nearest the full moon at 8:00 pm

  • 2019 dates:
        Jan 18    Feb 15       Mar 15    Apr 19    May 17       Jun 14
        Jul 12     Aug 16      Sep 13     Oct 11     Nov 08       Dec 13

"I MATTER" Salon

Massage, Acupuncture, Reflexology & Reiki Services
Conscious Living Workshops, Support Groups & Coaching

2019 Conscious Living Workshop Dates: 
​ Saturdays, 10 am - 12 noon

Conscious Living Flier
Session One:
Jan 19
Session Two:
Apr 6
May 4
Jun 1
Session Three:
Jul 20
Aug 3
Sep 7
Session Four:
Oct 12
Nov 9
Dec 7
2019 IMS Clinic Dates: Call 216-261-2502 for an appointment
Selected Saturdays

ACUPUNCTURE Available by request, Call for Appointment
MASSAGE Available by request, Call for Appointment

Notes of Interest & Other Offerings

  • Want a class at a time other than scheduled?
    • ​​Enroll 8 participants or more, and we'll schedule a class [assuming class requirements are met and there are no prohibitory factors]. 
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